Attendance Policies

Student safety and education are both very important to your child's development.  It is important to be at school on time every day, but it is also important for our school community to be healthy.  If your child is not feeling well, keep them at home and call our office to report their absence from school (331-8391).  For most illnesses, students are able to return to school after they have been without a fever or throwing up for 24 hours.  NOTE: COVID protocols are in effect and will determine criteria and timelines for return to school.  LUSD, under direction of SJ county, must follow CDPH guidelines.  Contact the school office if you have questions.  Contact the teacher to determine what assignments that can be done from home while your child is absent.  Homework/classwork is expected to be completed while students are on quarantine, as health permits.

Quarantine protocols are decided by the district in conjunction with current health orders.  Larson staff must use those protocols.