About Us

Who was Ellerth E. Larson?  Our school’s namesake was Lodi Unified’s second and longest tenured Superintendent. He served the district for close to eleven years from July, 1976 to March, 1987.  Mr. Larson came to the district in 1973 as Deputy Superintendent from San Leandro, where he had served for many years in a number of teaching and administrative positions.  He brought to the district a wealth of experience and a level of expertise in many areas— curriculum and program design, staff development, participatory management, and organization development.  During his tenure the district grew from a student population of around 11,000 to 20,000 and from a budget of $8 million to $70 million.

Mr. Larson was an intelligent and reflective listener and a firm believer in involving staff in the decision-making process.  He made a practice of tapping the wisdom of his staff and members of the community in problem-solving sessions that arose in the district.

We feel honored that our school has been named after the man who had such an impact in our school community!

E. Larson Pano